Saturday, June 30, 2007


Hello parents,

As you can tell, this blog has not been updated in about 2 months. I have received very few complaints about this, so I'm wondering how helpful this resource really is in the first place. I think having a place on the web where you can come to get information about our youth ministry would be helpful, however it appears to be not very useful.

for a while, I was posting all my message outlines and such so that parents could see what students were learning in our high school group, but I think that was a lot of time very few people seemed to enjoy. So I stopped.

I'm thinking about using this site as an updated announcement section, where I could post regularly the calendar issues you might be concerned about, like upcoming events, some praise reports, maybe a photo re-cap, etc.....

So, if this sounds good or if you have thoughts as the value of this web blog. Please comment on this post or e-mail me at "". I'd love to hear from you if you 're a parent of a high school student at Journey.