Monday, January 22, 2007


Feb. 17-18, 2007 we’re going up and down roller coasters and ski lifts. Here’s the scoop. We meet at church on Saturday morning at 7am. Go to Magic Mountain. Spend the night in a hotel near Big Bear. Get up on Sunday and go to Snow Summit. Come home 10pm Sunday night. Cost of the trip is $100 and will cover a t-shirt, breakfast and lunches, lodging, gas, and admission to Magic Mountain. Two dinner stops and a optional lift ticket/equipment rentals at Snow Summit are additional fees and are detailed in the brochures available in the high school room. (as soon as I figure out where I can host the pdf, I'll link a brochure here too) If you'd like to drive as a parent, please contact us. You need a vehicle that is reliable and either 4 wheel drive or has chains to do so. Space is limited, so talk to your student soon. This is a great trip to have fun, bring a friend, get to know some new people, and break down some of those barriers that keep students from coming to youth group.