Saturday, April 05, 2008


We have a new series on our weekends in high school called "$ave the Green". Here's a summary of what we'll be talking about.

It’s super trendy to care about the planet these days. Companies claim to be “green”. Food products are better if they are “organic”. We are told to conserve gas, electricity, plastic bag usage, and to go green with our green money. We recycle everything from our coffee grounds to newspapers. There’s no question that today it’s hip. But is it Biblical? What does the Bible say about this world God created and what is our responsibility to care for it and at what expense? Does your life affect the world around you and the planet too? Is your money yours to spend and do with as you please or is there a deeper, more communal responsibility we have to God, the planet, and all it’s inhabitants to use our money and resources responsibly? This series will take what is so 2008 cool and see if it’s really so 2008 BC old school but somehow we’ve been missing it.
Lots will be changing in Encounter through this series- pray with us as we seek to invite students to think and re-think how they live in our world today.