Tuesday, September 16, 2008


Hey encounter. A buck a week is all we ask.

If you can muster up a buck each time you join us on the weekend, then you can help us seriously change the world.

Last week there were 157 people in our weekend service. If everyone brought a buck, it'd be... drum roll... 157 bucks. We know. Our math skills are amazing. Sadly, there was only 37 bucks in the piggy banks. Seriously. $37.

What would we do with $157 you ask? Answer:

Well last week we sponsored walk their walk for $150. (not all from that weeks offering obviously- our math skills are not miraculous you know)

We sponsored the following 3 children living in poverty around the world, which costs about $100 a month for all 3 of them combined.

We also sponsor an orphanage in Uganda called Welcome Home that some of our students visited this last summer for about $50 a month.

SO, MAKE A DIFFERENCE IN THE WORLD. A buck a week. It's all we ask.