Sunday, December 14, 2008


So, we dreamed up the plot to steal, hide, and then give a bounty for a "lawn ornament" as Sarah calls them. I just call it a lighted deer. Anyway, watch the videos below.

This one is the challenge.

This one is the rules and the first clue

However, the clue was too easy and within hours a student had figured out that "1/2 way between Jesus and a dizzy family" was on mount helix on a trail 1/2 way between a large cross and famous house that actually rotates.

So... I got the deer back and I re-hid it.

Here's the deal:
  • Same rules.
  • in the city of La Mesa
  • I will not pay a ransom should you find it and hold it hostage and doing so will forfeit the prize
  • You may not dismember, alter, or otherwise jack with the deer. Doing so will forfeit the prize.
  • You must be in both services on Sunday, Dec. 21st to claim your prize. Prize however is now $40 cash plus $40 off either OGN or the Spring Retreat. That's an $80 prize.
  • Code to unlock the deer is the same.
  • New updates everyday the deer is not found. They will add up to the location of the deer. No, it will not move. No, I will not be offering another ransom when this one is done.
Now the clue:

Is here on twitter or in the side bar. Good luck.