Friday, October 16, 2009


Ever wonder what them big words mean? Like, do you ever wish you could read your bible in like "get r done" slang? Well, if so, then we dun gotz a series for uze people.

THIS SUNDAY.... we're breakin' down BIG WORDS about God and stuff for the rest of us. Mostly cuz Brian is dumb and doesn't like big words either. Partly cuz you can't spell without that red line thing telling you what to fix.... but mostly cuz Brian is dumb.

Anyway.... here's the series. Bring a smart friend. Bring a dumb friend. It doesn't matter. Just come and bring some one and laugh and smile and stew and ponder stuff that'll make your head hurt.... sorta.


Here's the break down- for dumb and smart people:
  • THIS WEEKEND: The Omni-God: Omnipresent, Omniscient, Omnipotent.
  • NEXT WEEKEND: Anthropomorphism: expanding our view of God. (HA! That's a mouthful. u get bonus points if you knew what it was. Double bonus points if you pronounced it right on the first try)
  • THE WEEKEND AFTER NEXT: Sanctification: being and becoming holy.
  • THE LAST WEEKEND OF THE SERIES: Hypostatic Union and the Trinity: thinking and rethinking the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit thing.

9 or 10:45 am. You Pick.