Thursday, March 22, 2007

DATING SERIES- this is Ludicrous

This last weekend we looked at the negative side of sexuality. We tried very hard to help students understand that, if handled wrong, it produces some horrible regrets. We looked at a classic passage of scripture in Genesis 19, but not as an instruction of anything but what NOT to do and more importantly... WHY they did not want to go there.

We started with the Ludacris song in the post below. We noted this conclusion about the chorus: "Runaway Love is like a Runaway Train- reckless and sure to cause a lot of damage to a lot of people. " We also interacted on these 4 questions.

We then discussed these 2 things about the Bible:

  1. The Bible is not “historical fiction”. It is, in part, a record of the good as well as the very evil acts of those who claimed to be following God and some who clearly did not. (Luke 1;1-4)
  2. The Bible is not “irrelevant today, especially to our sexually charged culture” It is much needed today.
After examining how badly EVERYONE in Genesis 19 messed up the idea of Healthy Sexuality, we examined Romans 12:2 and 1:18-28 to the following 5 conclusions about Thinking different: the road to avoiding regret.

  1. DON’T’ JUST FEEL, THINK! A lot of pain in our world has been caused by poor sexual choices. (We looked at the content of this website to experience the pain of what happens when we just feel our way through our decisions without thinking them through.)

  2. THINK ABOUT TOMMORROW, NOT JUST TODAY: Sexual choices have multi-faceted consequences- both in this life and the life to come.

  3. THINK IMPACT: Sexual choices rarely only affect the people immediately involved in the choice.

  4. THINK GODLY: The Bible’s commands for how to behave sexually are not made up by an sex-hating, anti-fun, prude of a God who has chastity at the center of His concerns. They actually are designed to produce a great, Godly, healthy, satisfying sexual experience.
This week we'll look at Proverbs 5 and seek to find some clues about how to experience the joys of sexuality as God has designed it to be expressed.