Wednesday, November 05, 2008


After a student leader meeting discussion on Sunday, we have canceled our myspace account.

There are 3 reasons:

#1. SIMPLIFY: We are communicating through e-mail, text message, myspace, facebook, twitter, and this blog with students and parents. This is too many inputs and some had to go. We decided myspace is the first to go.

#2. EASE AND RELATIVE PURITY OF FACEBOOK: We decided that facebook is cleaner and easier to use. There are no crazy backgrounds to navigate around, all the pages look the same, they are just as "private" if not more so than myspace, and we don't get ads like this one on facebook. This was in the sidebar of our encounter myspace page as I canceled it. Ridiculous!!!! Can we make a lie look any more sexually ridiculous than this one?

#3. LACK OF USE: We had not logged into or updated Encounter's Myspace page since last June and only received two complaints in 4 months.


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