Friday, November 14, 2008


Ever wanted to ask God a question? Well, this series is based on ones you turned in and we have some great surprises in store for you with some fun and thought provoking stuff. Here's the line up by weeks and some of the questions that inspired them:

November 16: Dear God, who are you really?
  • If you love everyone, why don’t you let everyone into heaven?
  • Why do some people hear your voice and they don’t truly want to hear it and when people need to hear You they can’t?
  • Why is satan’s voice louder and easier to follow than God’s?
  • I feel like many things about walking with you are just becoming cliché. So many statements on t-shirts, cheesy emails …you know. So how do I get past the sermons I’ve heard ten times, the “fully rely on God” statements, the “Jesus freaks.” I feel like it’s all been done before. Can you show me things I’ve never seen? The fresh, the different, the new…not the cliché?

November 23: Dear God, why am I me?
  • Why did you make me the way I am?
  • What do you want me to do to live for you? Where do I need to be? How can I be your servant?
  • Help!?
  • Why am I a middle class white boy in America and not a 12 year old African girl in charge of raising my family?

November 30: Dear God, what's the deal with sex and sexuality?
  • Why would you give us sexual urges at this age and then say no sex?
  • Why am I so confused? Why does the bible say you’ll always love us, but then it says that you don’t love same sex pairings? Does this mean you don’t love me?
  • Why is sex so bad? It’s a natural thing so I’m just wondering.

December 6: Dear God, why do people suffer?
  • Why is there so much pain and suffering in the world? Is it related to the concept of “free will?”
  • Why are you making life so hard for me? Is this a test? Please dear Lord, I need some help!
  • Why don’t you just end all the pain and suffering? I know your suck an awesome God, You can do it.
  • How come my friend was killed and I wasn’t?

Deember 13: Dear God.... ?
  • this week will be decided during this series as more questions come in. Special guest speaker, Scott Berglin will be here this weekend. It's gonna rock.